Our *Obsolete* Family Portraits

About a month ago, on a humid+windy day (delicious), we met up with Aimee Whitmire of Tai Photography to snap some Hall family mugs.

— An aside: The eighth grade version of Aimee sat in my classroom some years ago, and I take extra delight in seeing her behind the camera. She is hip and wonderful, and we adore the oodles of frame-worthy photos she gave us.

Still…these portraits are incomplete, outdated, obsolete. We are more than ready to amend this mix with Kid #2, and we know he’s missing from The Big Picture.

Someday soon, we’ll plaster the real family portrait. Until then, I guess this is our version of a maternity shoot, with…disc golf instead of a big belly?

Sure, why not?

CommonplaceCommonplaceCommonplaceCommonplaceCommonplaceCommonplaceThese two.Commonplace Commonplace“Buy Used.” Some unintentional Hall family propaganda. 😉CommonplaceB+NCommonplace Twelve years (!) holding hands. Nothing obsolete about that. Commonplace

Aimee, thanks again for sharing your gift with us! We think you’re great.



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