I’ll apologize when he’s older…

Our babe is five months old now. Here are his feet. Cute, right?


Thanks to other AW traveling families, we get to occasionally smuggle little care packages to him. (I kid about the smuggling part, but I have learned that families do not travel lightly to Ethiopia. Many stuff their suitcases with donations for the transition home, and each case is filled, to just-zippable, with items for the children and nannies alike.) They’ve given us precious room in their luggage to make a little connection with our boy, and that is the coolest.

The first care package we sent his way included a little bunny, and soon after, we got a video of him snuggling with that very bunny. Care package success.

The second package had to be thrown together a little more quickly because the family bringing it to him was leaving in a few days, so Luke and I made a speedy trip to K-Mart. See our selections below:
CommonplaceCheesy onesie. Check. He can own this one though; he absolutely is just what it says. 🙂

Now…that other little number. It really looked great on the hanger, but it might be proof that, even with an ocean between us, I can accidentally dress our little guy in at least one unfortunate ensemble. 😉 Oh, how I wish I could show you that Gilligan hat on his perfect little head (Maybe you can also see in the pic above the bonus straps that come down around the chin? Very classy.) and the bewildered expression he has in the 20 or so pics we now have of him wearing it. Priceless.

These sweet families are bridging the gap for us during the wait, and we are so, so grateful for them, their reports, the pictures they take, the love they give him during their stay. It’s huge.

We know we’re missing moments, really missing them, but we’re blessed by the people who are there in our stead and who really understand the separation.

I’m also secretly glad for the outfit selection.

Just another baby in a ridiculous hat.


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