Our People and Some Quotes to Remember


Between our birthdays, a bunch of wonderful people got together to throw us the sweetest surprise 30th. (Thanks to K & D for being co-conspirators and spending the entire afternoon with us, killing wood bees. What a weird way to distract.) Anyway, tucked in the celebration, was a very clear message: We love and support you, and we’re thrilled to see you through this last stage of your adoption. As we expressed to them, the last four years have been unpredictable, but it’s beautiful to have friends and family who are constant. Despite delays and uncertainty, God has been faithful in every step of this process. A HUGE part of His provision comes right down to the people He’s given us.

Now that we have a referral, I’ve been…dare I say it…a little more reflective. I have to look around and notice those who are rallying next to us. It’s overwhelming. Exhibit A: this party.

Before and since, there have been many other ways that friends and family have made us feel so loved.


Post-referral, I’m also thinking about some quotable quotes from the last few years that I just don’t want to forget. (Some of the poor people I’m quoting might not have known I’d have all of this blogging energy, so I’ll keep them “anonymous.”):


“If you’ve ever considered adopting, just do it.”

  • a nice blonde who sings at church with Nathan and might or might not have two handsome boys through adoption.


“We’re hoping to have the adoption finalized by this time next year.”

  • Nathan and Bonnie, years 2011, 2012, 2013…and 2014 😉


“Lord, be with Nathan and Bonnie’s adoption. We know it will be good.”

  • a nice guy in our small group – Unprompted, he added this simple line to his small group prayer. At the time, I didn’t know it would be good (still might not have my head around that!). I needed to hear his faith.

and related…

“Anticipate the good so that you may enjoy it.”

  • an Ethiopian proverb – This great girl I’ve known since the fourth grade sent me this in a birthday package.


“What a special thing, too, that we’ll be in Ethiopia on your birthday, in Addis – a special place deep in your heart.”

  • handwritten by a beautiful red headed sister-in-law of mine – She sent me a wonderful birthday card on her way to Ethiopia, days before we even knew about our Ethiopian bundle.

“Does your little guy’s name start with an “S”? We went to the transition home today to visit and peeked in at the babies. He appeared to be the youngest. If he is yours…. What a doll!!! My daughter (age 21) held your guy and cried…. She will be so happy to know he has a family!! She wanted to bring him home! He coos and smiles! I got to hold him as well. He is very beautiful! Congratulations!”

  • another adoptive mother who just flat out made my day – Shortly after referral, she found me on Facebook to send me this message while she was in Ethiopia.

“I have a baby comin’ my way.”

  • a five-year-old who is more than ready to be a big brother – What a good one he will be.

except that he also said…

“When [insert baby’s name here] is three, he can move into the bunk bed, but I’ll still have the top. [uncertain pause] Won’t I, Mom?”


And finally…

“So, how’s the adoption going?”

  • all y’all

{No, we’re not tired of this question, and we’re tickled to hear it, even if we (most of the time) have nothing to report. Truly.}


To sum up, we notice that the people we are living shoulder to shoulder with are just the best. More than the blessings we experience from each of you, we’re just so grateful you love both of our children. Thank you for that.



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