from the cabin: A Camping Birthday Theme

My friend Jessica lives in a cabin in the woods where all kinds of creative genius happens. (Seriously. I’m convinced she must dream about her next projects in her sleep.)  Today’s feature: A camping birthday party theme!

There were a gazillion charming details to Thad’s second birthday party, but one of the coolest is this: Rather than bring gifts, guests were asked to supply a new book to be donated to our church. The invite read, “Thad is blessed, and we would like to share the blessing.” Yes. This is a beautiful and simple concept to start at such a young age.

Here are a few of the party backdrop details (many of which you can find in your own backyard). Just don’t forget the labels, right Jess?

a streamer tent:

wooden utensils:

a brown bag for every camper:tents of activities for the kids:

marshmallow name kabobs for every child:

lanterns, scrap fabric garland with pinecones, jars of candy critters, “stick collection” veggies:

smore cupcakes:lots of very happy campers:

This is a perfect theme for a fall party. There was also a campfire and yard games for the adults, and each child was sent home with play creepy crawlers, a compass, and a flashlight tied up in a kerchief on a hobo stick. Hope we caught you in time to put all of this creativity to use!

She’s classy; she’s thrifty. We will be featuring her again. Thanks Jess!



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